Installations and resources

MEKA counts on facilities and resources which ensure a high quality of training which is given to numerous working men and women as well as our students alongside those who are unemployed who usually participate in training courses at our institution.


- Function room with projector and internet connection. These are perfect for presentations, conferences, debates and charity events.

- Several meeting rooms each with their own projector. These can be catered to suit any needs.

- Computer rooms with the most up-to-date technology.

- Virtual business simulator.

- Display windows.

- Independent space with office and meeting room for personalised needs of students in continuous training, occupational training, competency accreditation and business.

- Educational workshop rooms specialised for health-related studies.

- Educational workshop rooms with dentistry equipment.

- Rooms for shared work projects.

- Workshops and rooms dedicated to the Weldering course.

- Workshops and rooms dedicated to the Bodywork course.

- Workshops and rooms dedicated to the Automotion course.

- Workshops and rooms dedicated to the Automobile Electromechanics course.

- Rooms with computers and interactive whiteboards. We cater for all technological needs.